Tarl Dale

Warden of Vintiver


The heroes met Tarl Dale when he came across the Fuldor farm, shortly after the mob led by Coalan had been dispersed. He was extremely impressed with the heroes not escalating the mob to violence.

Master Tarl, as he is known, was a soldier in Arl Neruda’s army, and a good one by all accounts. A few years ago he decided that life in a rural village on the frontier suited him well enough. He likes the quiet and the people of Vintiver, and never expected to have to deal with trouble such as he is now.

Tarl’s primary duty is to protect Vintiver. He doesn’t know much about magic and curses and the like, but he has fought things that would make the blood run cold. He is virtually the only person ever seen in Vintiver wearing a sword.

Tarl Dale

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