An Arl's Ransom: Conclusion

Wherein the brave heroes came across the site of an ambush on Ser Blaker and the Arl’s children. As they investigated the scene, they heard a scream, and followed it to a gorge where they did battle with darkspawn alongside Ser Blaker, Ser Bridgette, and Alenka. During that fight it was discovered that Arl Neruda’s daughter, Hanna, was a mage. The Arl knew of this, and withheld Hanna from the circle for fear of lessening her marriage potential to prospective lords and increase his holdings.

The heroes decided that it was within the best interest of the Hanna, to wrestle her away from her father and take her to the Circle. However, all signs point to a double cross on the part of Ser Blaker and Alenka, as Alenka spirited away with the Hanna while the heroes were on their way to Vintiver. It seemed likely to the heroes that Ser Blaker and Alenka kidnapped and ransomed the Arl’s children, framing the heroes and and Ser Bridget for the kidnapping. Deciding it would be prudent to get out of Arl Neruda’s Arldom, the heroes pressed on to Vintiver.

Just outside of Vintiver hereos came across the Fuldor Farm, where they found the family there had been massacred. Thhey found a surveyor, a Dalish elf by the name of Eshara, badly wounded in barn. Shortly thereafter, a posse rode to the farm inquiring as to what happened? Because the farm house had the elven word, “Mythall”, written in blood on the wall, it looked suspect for the injured elven woman. The heroes decided to send Kord along with the posse to speak with warden of Vintiver, Tarl Dale. In the mean time, Dez, Bridgette, and Ardek have remained at the Fuldor farm with Eshara.



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